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Our smart door lock picks

Keyless entry with smart door locks

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular in Australian households. They provide an easy and convenient way to control access to your home. Allowing you to lock and unlock your doors remotely using your smartphone, create virtual keys for guests, as well as monitor who comes and goes from your property.

Whether it’s for short term rental guests, housekeeping staff, or friends and family, smart door locks provide a seamless and secure solution for managing access. Here are a few of our favourite options currently on the market

Smart lock Yale Assure

Our pick – Yale Assure

The Yale is good quality lock. You'll find native Airbnb integration and an exceptional mobile app alongside a premium touchscreen keypad. Although its important to point out that sometimes guests get confused having to “wake” the keypad before entering the code.

Smart lock splurge Schlage Encode

Splurge Option – Schlage Encode

This smart lock is arguably the most popular option in the short term rental industry. The Encode looks slick and is very reliable. Unfortunately, this smart Wi-Fi lock links to Airbnb via RemoteLock, so you'll have to pay a subscription fee. It’s high demand has also led to high prices and sometimes inventory shortages. For these two reason's we've bumped it down to number 2 on our list.

Smart lock top pick Kwikset Halo

Runner up – Kwikset Halo

This Kwikset model was our go-to smart lock for short term rental properties. We originally saw battery longevity issues, but firmware updates fixed that. However overall Yale offer a more streamlined approach due to their direct integration with Airbnb. We're hoping Kwikset gains this feature in the future.

Keypad door handles for locked cupboards

Smart door locks for cupboards

In our short term rental properties we often need to lock off hallway cupboard for turnover supplies. Sometimes our clients choose to lock off a cupboard for owner storage as well. In both of these cases we like to install these keypad door handles. Please note that this style of lock should not be used on front doors or bedroom doors.

When choosing a smart lock there are a few things to consider. But overall compatibility is key. Yale Assure & Schlage Encode provide a versatile app and Airbnb integration options. While Kwikset Halo Touch locks focus more on simple keyless entry. Evaluate which features are most useful for you before investing in a smart lock. Or just ask us!


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